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Workshop - Choreographien!


















Linedance Workshops - Liste in Paartanz (Hönow)









 Do A Little Dance

 Smokey Places










 Mambo Rock

 Thinking About Mexico










 It´s The Season

 Love´s Gonna Make It










 Cindy Lou Two Step











 Ropin Pen











 Coconut Cha Cha











 Joy Must Be Joking











 Traveling Gypsy

 City Lights Swing










 It´s Over ( aka Mexicoma )











 Hudson Valley Cha Cha











 Cha Cha Del Rio











 Champagne Cha











 People Are Crazy











 El Paso










 You`re My Best Friend











 Santa Fe Cha Cha











 Island Time











 Oughtta Be Blue











 Sea Shells











 Going To Jackson











 East Coast Switch

 A Kiss And A Hug

 Jamaica Me Cha Cha

 Catch The Rain












 Amsterdam Moon

 Buck Wild Stomp

 Paradise Cha












 A Kiss And A Hug

 Island In The Stream

 Louisiana Way

 Whiskey And Rein












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